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Jesus Christ, What Is This?

Dancing With Jesus Book


In my never-ending quest to write about every single subject in the known universe, I've produced a fun little volume for Running Press called Dancing With Jesus. The book features twelve dance steps as they would have been performed by Jesus and his disciples, had Jesus and his disciples ever had time to throw a dance party. Which leading Biblical experts say they almost certainly didn't. Anyway, each dance is illustrated with what could be interpreted as either fun (if you're open-minded) or blasphemous (if you're not) images of Jesus and other New Testament biggies performing steps such as the Temptation Tango, the Apostolic Conga, the Lazarus Lurch and the Judas Hustle. Oh, and the cover and final spread feature animated "lenticular" images in which Jesus & Friends actually move around. Truly miraculous.

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