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Read The Last Policeman Right Now -- While There's Still Time




Quirk Books has served up yet another mind-bending genre buster. Only this time, instead of mixing zombies with Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) or Star Trek fans with, well, more zombies (Night of the Living Trekkies), they've offered their own twisted take on the police procedural. The Last Policeman tells the story of detective Hank Palace, who's obsessed with a suicide that, to him at least, looks a lot like murder. But no one else cares about his investigation, because they've got something bigger on their minds -- namely a massive asteroid that's going to plow into the earth in six months, obliterating the human race.


The book, the first volume in a projected trilogy, is authored by Ben Winters, proud papa of Android Karenina (a Tolstoy/steam punk mashup) and Bedbugs, a multi-generational story about three women who learn to love, live and grow while running a small diner just outside of LaSalle, Illinois. Just kidding! It's totally about bedbugs. Reading it makes you itch.


If you think that a novel about a cop spending his last days investigating a suicide sounds a bit depressing ... well, you're right. Just check out the following video trailer from Quirk. It made me want to curl up in a corner and suck my thumb -- a compulsion I thought I'd licked in college.

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